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Music Recording School

Music Recording School (M.R.S.) is a division of MusicNetwork developed at RedBird Studio in 2017. MRS mission is to teach and carry forth the music recording craft.

MRS Studio 101 workshop is designed for those who wish to pursue a career in the field of music recording. In Manhattan, tuition is free for New York City residents of 3 years or longer, though a limited number of seats are available. MRS trains incoming engineers in an apprenticeship environment at Studio Resource Sites (SRS), immersed in commercial recording studio operations in the role of "Runner", with training in the roles of "A2 Audio Engineer", "A1 Audio Engineer" and "Session Producer".


Music Recording School

M.R.S. Studio 101 Workshop
MRS Studio 101 Workshop is free for NYC Residents of 3+ years. To apply for the training workshop, please contact us with A) PDF Resume Attachment sent to and B) Let us know which days of the week you might have open for training. Workshops are held 2-8pm weekdays.